These are the v2 docs. For the current version, look here.


Enable parsing of pull request comments on to trigger approval status.

Since each group can have a different patterns, comments can trigger specific kinds of approval.

Regex usage

Due to recent changes by GitHub, we now automatically check for the Unicode equivalents of emojis. For example, if you use :\+1: in your regex, we’ll also check for \U0001f44d. You do not have to add Unicode to your regular expressions. An added bonus here is that alternative aliases will also be detected automatically, again if you use :\+1:, we’ll also match if a team member uses :thumbsup:!

Note: We recommend starting with ^, to only match strings at the beginning of a line. In our experience this makes approval more intentional, and also avoids issues with comments via email where previous content may be embedded in a blockquote (>) that could otherwise trigger mistaken approval.


      enabled: true
      approve_regex: '^Approved'
      reject_regex: '^Rejected'

Example usage:

      enabled: true
      approve_regex: '^(Approved|:shipit:|:\+1:|LGTM)'
      reject_regex: '^(Rejected|:-1:)'